Live Music Now (LMN) works with a diverse range of people who rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to experience live performance. Some are disadvantaged and may face difficulties in communicating, cut off from the pleasures of participating and sharing with others.

Through performances by its specially-trained, young professional musicians – who combine exceptional performing skills with special qualities of insight, generosity of spirit and flexibility – LMN brings joy to older people and to children with special educational needs across the UK.

Legendary violinist Yehudi Menuhin and his friend, LMN founder chairman, Ian Stoutzker CBE, established the charity 40 years ago specifically to deliver programmes tailored to participants whose lives are challenged due to disability, illness, poverty or social disadvantage, and to inspire young professional musicians to use their talents for the benefit of others.

Lord Menuhin said: “Music, among all the great arts, is the language which penetrates most deeply into the human spirit, reaching people through every barrier, disability, language and circumstance. This is why it has been my dream to bring music back into the lives of those people, who are especially prone to stress and suffering… so that it might comfort, heal and bring delight.”

Today the scheme stretches throughout the UK. It has undertaken more than 50,000 performances, reaching more than 2.5 million people, and trained thousands of professional musicians. Live Music Now is a part of people’s daily lives in special schools, community centres, prisons, hospitals, village halls and care homes – with over 2,500 performances and workshops being given annually to some 150,000 people each year.