After Life: a moving meditation on memories

The events of the past 18 months have inspired all of us to reflect on our world and our lives and cherish what we used to take for granted.

After Life, playing at the National Theatre and supported by the Pureland Foundation, seems to echo our times while also being a moving theatrical meditation on life.

A group of strangers are stuck in a waiting room between life and death. Encouraged by enigmatic guides, they must sift through their past lives to grapple with their answers to the central question: if you could spend eternity with just one special memory, what would it be?

When we look back on life from different vantage points, many events take on a deeper significance and meaning. When particular moments come into focus, we realise what has been truly meaningful and important all along.

A special companion piece to the play, the After Life Experience, has been created that encourages users to choose and record their own “forever” memories. Aided by a guide and prompted by thought-provoking questions, such as “When was a moment you felt truly happy?”, responses can be shared to an archive, to join voices all around the world.

After Life runs until Saturday, August 7.