China Exchange: Mindfulness with Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn, actress and founder of the acclaimed Hawn Foundation, launched the Pureland Series at the China Exchange sharing her unique perspective on mindfulness and her MindUp programme.

The Hawn Foundation was founded more than a decade ago, with the MindUP programme specifically created with the intent of providing children around the world with the tools they need to cope with the increasing levels of stress, anxiety, poverty and violence in their world.

MindUP is grounded in the pillars of Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Mindful Behaviour and Social, Emotional Learning; it cultivates more mindful, optimistic, focused and resilient global citizens – ready to succeed and thrive in learning and in life.

The evidence-based training programme consisting of 15 lessons that are tailored to a child’s age group and development level. Each lesson offers students new mindful strategies that can increase self control, focus, empathy and optimism. The methods include fun and immersive experiences and practices which teach perspective, empathy and compassion.

MindUP benefits teachers as well as children, restoring order to the classroom, reducing stress, giving more time to teach and even improving the quality and quantity of their sleep. The practice offers an immersive experience that shifts a child’s perspective and drives positive behaviour, improved learning and scholastic performance.

In this first event in the new Pureland Series at China Exchange Goldie led a ‘brain break’ demonstration with the audience. With research showing that regular practice of mindfulness demonstrates a significant impact on wellbeing, the event inspired and motivated.

The Hawn Foundation transforms children’s lives by providing vital social and emotional learning programs to reduce stress and aggressive behaviour, improve focus and academic performance and increase resiliency for success in school and in life. For more information, visit

The Pureland Series at China Exchange is hosted by the Pureland Foundation, which supports charities and organisations committed to enriching lives through creativity, spirituality and self-expression. The Pureland Series seeks to promote awareness and change through ideas interchange and inspiration.

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