The Pureland Foundation supports The Friends of the National Libraries

The Pureland Foundation is supporting The Friends of the National Libraries.

The Friends of the National Libraries is a charity that helps British libraries acquire books, manuscripts and archives. Since the charity was established in 1931, the Friends of the National Libraries have helped nearly 300 institutions, including national and university libraries, county record offices and museums to acquire thousands of items.

The charity has saved many treasures, including manuscripts by our greatest poets from Samuel Coleridge to Thomas Gray, scientific works which established Britain as the great scientific nation of today, as well as documents about our agricultural and Civil War past.

Bruno Wang said: “The FNL is a fantastic cause safeguarding some of the UK’s most significant literary, historic and scientific collections, which would otherwise have been lost.  It is imperative to protect these national literary treasures to benefit future generations educationally and culturally.”

The Pureland Foundation was established by Bruno Wang to realise his charitable objectives. The Foundation supports spiritual, physical, emotional and social wellness through art and music.

Bruno Wang is a London-based Chinese businessman, philanthropist and cultural patron.