The Sacred Care Project explores the nature of living and dying: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Established in Michigan, US, in 2015, the Project aims to facilitate a deeper and more extensive understanding of and commitment to the sacred passage that is the end of life. It seeks to enable families and communities to develop and express their innate capacity for care, by working with and for others in a helpful, healing way.

The Project was set up by Bridget Betzer, who has a background in nursing and caring for the chronically sick and terminally ill, as a doula or “midwife for the dying”.

Ms Betzer believes the programme is about living as much as dying. She has said: “I believe that it matters how we die, and how we come to death. We have the opportunity for this to be a transformative event that can bring healing for both ourselves and our loved ones—those we leave behind. Perhaps this is the last gift we give ourselves and our loved ones, but it does require that we find courage and take time to contemplate this.”

The Project has established an ongoing programme at the Northwest Unitarian Universalist Church in Southfield, Michigan, with workshops including The Shared Experience – Caring for the dying as a community; Conscious Living, Conscious Dying; Sacred Care Circles; and Exploring Our Own Spirituality.